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October 29, 2014

Well, we made it back to Riyadh unscathed. I’m going to refrain from getting all nostalgic and sappy (like I have in every other post about this trip); instead, I’m just going to post some pictures of this year’s Ozarks adventures…with a bit of commentary, natch. Because, for better or worse, I talk a lot.

Originally, we planned to take a few day trips during this year’s time in the States–namely, to the annual War Eagle Craft Fair in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (in true old married couple style, we really love Eureka Springs. We went there on our honeymoon. Maybe we’re doing things backward and by the time we’re 75, we’ll be on our way to Coachella) and to St. Louis (we fly into and out of St. Louis, but we had planned to take a day trip, because although I’ve seen it many times, I’ve never been up in the Gateway Arch, and Mr. Mostafa finds this appalling). Neither trip actually happened. We also planned to make multiple trips to Springfield, where we met and got married, but we only managed one. We didn’t get to see all the people we intended to see or do all the things we intended to do.

But we had a blast.

We attended Lavender’s very first parade! We were in the States during Homecoming season, so naturally, we had to watch the West Plains Homecoming parade. The marching band was a new experience for Lavender, but she loved it!

zizzer band

After awhile, it became hard to tell at first glance that Saleh was not a native Ozarkian.

We made a couple of trips to the local pumpkin patch, where even more fun was had. It was a first for the whole family–none of us had ever been to a pumpkin patch! (This local pumpkin patch wasn’t a thing when I was a kid.)

Lavender was initially skeptical about the potential fun to be had by way of the selection of decorative gourds.

But eventually, she had a great time. She just needed Cousin Alli to jump in and help her.

She got into it, especially after she discovered a random almost-stripped corncob among the pumpkins. Um, okay, my sweet little weirdo.

We rode the pumpkin patch “train” and saw cornfields, sunflower fields, and a whole bunch of different farm animals that Lavender had never seen before (chickens, pigs, goats).

She and Baba thoroughly enjoyed the train. (Yes, that’s an owie on her chin. At one point on the trip, she was running down an asphalt driveway and she fell flat on her little face.

She’s all healed now, though.)

There was also an adorable ride for the little ones, which consisted of a string of little cars made out of yellow barrels that were hooked to a riding lawn mower. Everyone called it “the bumblebee ride.”

Lavender was too small to ride on her own, but…

Cousin Alli to the rescue!

And before we knew it, it was time to return to our other home on the opposite side of the world. One day, I was looking up at trees…

And the next I was looking down at the desert again.

Now to re-align to Saudi life! Mr. Mostafa’s internal clock has pretty much re-set (he had no choice, since had to go back to work the day after we arrived back in Riyadh), but Lavender and I are still dealing with a bit of jet lag. I already miss home…but it’s good to be home! 😉


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  • http://hebahdwidari.wordpress.com hebahdwidari

    welcome back, I enjoy reading your blog, mashallah, you have a beautiful family,

    • http://thesamerainbowsend.com Nicole

      thank you! <3